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Strategic Planning

“Supposing a tree fell down, Pooh, when we were underneath it?”


“Supposing it didn’t,” said Pooh, after careful thought.


Careful strategic planning can help prepare us for dealing with the unexpected. Today an updated strategic plan that is reviewed regularly by the Board and staff is considered essential for successful nonprofit organizations. Whether it’s updating a pre-existing plan or constructing a new one, we can help you craft a plan that is visionary yet practical, challenging yet realistic, and perhaps most importantly, achievable.

Our strategic planning services include:

  • consultation and assistance in preparation for the strategic planning project
  • facilitation of strategic planning meetings
  • individual interviews with key stakeholders, focus groups, surveys, and research to identify community perceptions, recommendations and significant trends
  • follow-up, if necessary, to ensure the completion of the plan and assistance in writing the plan
  • development of strategies for publication and sharing the plan


Our goal in guiding strategic planning is for the process itself to help build consensus, connections and shared goals between staff and Board members. Often the team building benefits of the planning process are as valuable as the plan itself. We bring expert meeting facilitation skills that encourage an atmosphere of mutual respect, openness, and risk-taking, which makes the planning process stimulating, engaging and productive.


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