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Grant Writing and Development

As a grant seeker, you need that competitive edge that Sylvia & Carter & Associates will provide you.  We offer decades of experience in grant writing and development, and a proven methodology to secure the funding you need for your organization. Our strategic grant planning writing and tracking services includes:

  • Identification of funding prospects strategically aligned with your mission
  • Review of the proposal guidelines and deadlines
  • If necessary, creation of a brief letter of inquiry
  • Development and definition of project goals and objectives
  • Implementation of in-depth research and literature searches to collect compelling statistics, trend information, and data to support the community need and a convincing evidence-based argument for funding
  • Development of proposals that are clear and powerful in the “ask” and resonate with the priorities of the funders
  • Development of detailed organization and program budgets
  • Assistance with the program measurement and evaluation design
  • Identification of collaborating partners to strengthen the submission
  • Development of a plan to write, manage and track your grant proposals throughout the year.

Our goal is to create proposals that bring your programs to life, present a differentiated profile of your organization and demonstrate the importance and impact of your activities on society. We bring years of experience of what works and what does not - in order to maximize your opportunity for success.  Therefore, contact us and let us assist your organization in finding and securing the funds you need to make your ideas a reality.  




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