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Feasibility Studies and Capital Campaigns

Careful planning is essential to the success of any capital campaign. As Corrine Sylvia says, “Campaigns fail due to lack of leadership, not due to lack of funds.”


In the present competitive fundraising environment, success goes to the organization that is not only worthy but also has access to information, motivated volunteers and a sound plan. As a result, before launching a capital campaign we frequently begin with a feasibility or pre-campaign planning study, which reveals important information about the campaign goal, potential donors, campaign volunteers, and how your project will be received by the philanthropic community. A well-done study will provide a wealth of information that will help us lay realistic plans for your campaign. And that will lead to success.


The feasibility study generally includes the following activities:

  • Prepare Case for Support
  • Draft the interview questions
  • Prepare the interviewee letters
  • Prepare, evaluate and finalize the list of people to be interviewed
  • Schedule interview appointments.
  • Conduct interviews with a representative sampling of your major constituencies
  • Conduct focus groups, if appropriate
  • Create a written report on the study, including campaign planning and pre-planning recommendations
  • Conduct a meeting with full Board to review the study in person
  • Provide detailed consultation to resolve any questions you may have


Our Capital Campaign services will be tailored to meet your specific needs and build on your resources and capacity. 


These often include the following steps:

  • Determine committee structure for the campaign
  • Assist in identifying, recruiting, and orienting campaign leadership
  • Assist in determining staffing needs
  • Provide support in recruiting, hiring and training new staff/volunteers
  • Create campaign case statements, pledge cards, letterhead, etc.
  • Attend committee meetings and provide professional counsel and technical assistance to committees
  • Assist in developing prospect lists, including gift targets, cultivation and solicitation plans, for solicitors
  • Provide solicitor training for volunteers and staff
  • Research foundations, corporations, government programs, and organizations to support the campaign
  • Develop a public relations plan and assist in its implementation
  • Assist in developing and implementing activities and events at the conclusion of the campaign (ribbon cutting, open house, volunteer recognition, etc.)
  • Identify and oversee sub-contractors to provide specific services, such as website development, graphic design, catering, printing and mailing services. (if necessary)


Toward the end of the campaign, we will provide recommendations and support to ensure your organization maintains, and continues to build, the high level of volunteer and donor involvement generated by the campaign for future annual giving, major donor programs, and future campaigns.


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